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Staining Cabinets

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Staining is an excellent option to showcase more of the features of the wood material used to construct the cabinet. It provides a well-balanced mood, emphasizing both the color and texture of the wood. The stained cabinet doesn’t steal the natural beauty of the wood’s character. Its application is thinner than paint, which emphasizes the natural charm of the wood. As a result, your visitors will surely appreciate your cabinet’s distinctive features.

If you are planning to sell your home in the next few years, cabinet staining can help enhance the value of your property. We ensure that the color we apply durable and can stand out. Our techniques are entirely dependable to make sure that the result exceeds your expectation.

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How to Stain and Finish Wood Cabinets

Outstanding advice mike! craftsmen have been using your "tried and true" method for generations and it works great! you know jblackshear, i recently had a similar question and i thought you might like to see an alternative to the traditional method of sanding off the old finish down to the wood, applying stain to create your color, and then overcoating with a protective polyurethane. paint

Photo: fotosearch. Com of all the reasons to appreciate solid wood cabinets, there may be none more appealing than their virtually endless changeability. That is, if you ever tire of the cabinets’ appearance, you can always refinish the wood, transforming the overall look of your kitchen or bath in the process. Of course, the size of the project depends on a number of factors. But generally speaking, you don’t need to be an expert to stain cabinets successfully. With only a handful of basic tools and materials—and in many cases, the willingness to make a mess and clean it up—almost anyone can achieve pro-quality results, without having to hire a contractor.

I was first introduced to general finishes brand of wood stains from my sister. She was the first to paint her bedroom set using the java gel stain. I thought it looked so good and the cost and ease of applying had me interested. I just had to find something to refinish!.

Kitchen cabinets cabinets kitchen painting staining start by sanding and conditioning the wood, then stain. After that’s dry, put on two coats of polyurethane and your cabinets will look just as good as any professional could have done for you. Before you stain the cabinets, it’s important to remove all the doors and drawers to make sanding and applying the stain easier.

Staining tight-grained woods like hard maple is a problem for finishers. For amateurs the best advice is to avoid staining hard maple, birch, and cherry. Understand that staining–without blotches–is difficult. Not impossible, just difficult.

David schiff are you seeking a custom look on a budget? unfinished cabinets are the way to go. They cost significantly less than pre-finished cabinets and you get to pick exactly the stain color and finish sheen you prefer. Applying stain and finish before the cabinets are hung doesn’t take special skills, just a little time and effort. For the oak cabinet shown here, we chose a red chestnut stain that darkens the wood and adds a warm red tone while bringing out oak’s natural beauty and pronounced grain. If you want a lighter look that stays close to oak’s natural color, a golden oak stain is a good choice. If you prefer the look of a more subtle grain pattern, many home centers carry birch or maple cabinets in addition to oak. Did you crave cherry cabinets until you saw the steep price tag? a cherry stain on birch or maple will give you a close approximation of cherry wood.

I went a little crazy on this step, but i tend to be a messy diyer, plus stain is even runnier than paint (which means it will get everywhere, even if you’re careful), plus we had to sand down all the wood and we didn’t want sawdust getting everywhere. Also, i didn’t want to move everything out of the cabinets or have to clean the interiors too much when we finished, so i decided to tape off all the interiors of the cabinets with plastic, as well as the kitchen floor, countertops, appliances and island.

Lightly Sand Surfaces to Be Stained

Preparing your cabinetry prior to refinishing can provide a durable, aesthetically-pleasing finish. Fill small cracks, holes and dings with wood filler. Sand your cabinets with 200-grit fine sandpaper to remove any peeling varnish and to roughen up the stained surfaces. This provides a better bonding surface for the new stain or paint to adhere to. Wipe off the sanding dust with a clean cloth. cabinets Apply a paint primer to the cabinets if you’re going to paint them. Sand the primed surfaces once more with a fine sandpaper and wipe off the dust. There’s no need to apply paint primer if you’re going to cover your cabinetry with stain. Use a furniture touch-up marker to fill in cabinet areas where the color has worn off.

How To: Stain Cabinets

Learn how to use gel stain to easily update cabinets without any heavy sanding or stripping. The step-by-step tutorial and video show you how to update outdated cabinets quickly with this affordable idea. Let’s talk about how to use gel stain over old cabinets. In my recent bathroom refresh , the one thing that needed major help was the vanity. kitchen

Via rockler one of the most popular questions i have received over the years is what are the best products and staining tips for changing the stain color of my cabinets? i have learned that there are many of you that have no interest in painting your cabinets with paint and prefer a stain finish. However, i also know that several of you are interested in changing the stain color (maybe going darker/tone down the warmth/gray or almost black stain). Today i wanted to finally tackle this subject and share our best tips for staining cabinets or re-staining to change the color.

Hi there, i have just begun gel staining my builder grade honey oak cabinets. After reading many posts in this forum, as well as others, i convinced my wife that this will be a cost efficient solution to our kitchen upgrade budget restrictions. We tested a few different colors, amount of coats, and final decided on 3 coats of candlelight followed by 2 coats of the top coat urethane, both by gf.

Staining doors when they're attached to cabinets isn't just more difficult; it can also lead to unwanted and unsightly drips and bubbles. So, the first step in how to stain kitchen cabinets is to remove all the doors, as well as the hardware. Use a small piece of painter's tape on the door backs to label their placement; use small zip-top bags to identify hardware. Then, lay your doors flat in a vented area on top of a large drop cloth.

I am staining my kitchen cabinets. The first set of doors i stained came out beautiful. I am now having a problem with some of the other doors. First the wood is raised in some spots even after sanding. Second i have spots where it looks gummy or something got in the stain. (i keep can covered)  each time i started a new door i used a fresh cloth. I rubbed away the excess stain and waited for each coat to dry. But  on the third coat i get bubbles, gummy spots, and rough spots. It will not dry completely (been 12hrs). I am using miniwax oil base stain and it says not to sand. Why will it not dry, what can i do to fix it?.

Decide on a stain finish. Before starting, you need to have an idea of what you want your finished cabinets to look like. The color or shade of stain you use affects how a room feels, especially the kitchen. To open up a room and make it feel larger, opt for a light stain. To add warmth to a larger kitchen or room and make it seem cozier, choose a darker stain. Also, keep in mind the type of wood from which your cabinets are made. You want the stain color you are going for to complement the wood. Some stains work better with a particular wood more so than others. You must take into consideration the natural color of the wood and the size of the wood’s pores. For example, woods such as rosewood, cherry and mahogany are types that are rarely stained because of their natural appearance. They are usually just protected with a clear coat. Woods such as maple are less porous than others and so are harder to stain. For help deciding, get advice from a hardwarian at your local true value hardware store.

Kitchen cabinets. Have used java gel stain. Loved it! now trying the gray. Working on new project am going to mix some of the java with the gray gel stain, always need a tack cloth! will let you know how i come out. Thanks to mix with java color for taupe brown tint.

How to Stain Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Restorz-it wood finish has restored thousands of kitchens and bathrooms, saving people considerable time and money. wood The standard finish used on kitchen and bathroom cabinets generally is an inferior lacquer finish that breaks down with exposure to water. This will cause the finish to peel, crack, or discolor. Many professionals will tell you that your only option is stripping and sanding. Restorz-it will cover this damage without the need to strip and sand, while creating a quality finish. Our finish is a durable, water-resistant finish that will protect your cabinets for years.

When you buy your unfinished cabinets, you will most likely buy either birch, or oak. Birch cabinets have a fine grain. Often times, these are paintedbut stain looks great on them. If you put a cherry stain on, the birch will look like cherry. Regardless of birch or oak, make sure you prepare the wood properly. Begin by lightly sanding the wood with a 120-grit sand paper. Work in the same direction as the grain or you’ll get scratches.

A polyurethane varnish finish can cut down on the wear and tear of kitchen cabinets, help keep them looking new and extend the life of the cabinets. Polyurethane works best on unfinished wood but can also be painted directly onto painted surfaces. When you apply polyurethane varnish, you’re actually sealing it in plastic. It is a plastic so tough that hardly anything can penetrate it. In addition to this exceptional durability, polyurethane is easy to put on; fairly fast-drying; super-resistant to chemicals and water; and available in low-gloss, satin, and high-gloss finishes. It also comes in oil based and water based.

Article summaryx to stain cabinets, start by removing the doors and hardware, but make sure to label where everything goes so you can easily put things back when you’re finished. Next, remove the existing finish with a small power sander or several sanding blocks, and vacuum up the dust when you’re done. Then, dip a cloth in the stain and apply several thin coats to allow the wood to absorb the liquid. Make sure to allow the stain to dry between each coat, stopping once you get to the desired color. Finally, use a foam brush to apply a polyurethane topcoat in order to seal the cabinets. To learn how to choose the right stain color for your cabinets, keep reading!.

In diy projects / home decor 40 happy monday friends! i’m so excited to share our new cabinet stain and hardware today! whether or not to stain the cabinets was probably the hardest decision of the kitchen reno…until i had to decide what color to stain them! if you need to catch up you can read about the unfinished oak cabinets we chose here.

Finishing new wood cabinets (or refinishing old ones) is a great way to save money when updating your home. This is particularly true in the kitchen, which has so much cabinetry. No matter where your wood cabinets are located, you are going to have to invest some time if you want professional results. For a single cabinet, a weekend will suffice. Do-it-yourselfers who work on projects on weekends and evenings should plan for more than a week to refinish multiple cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet stain color samples winningmomsdiarycom kitchen cabinet stain color samples winningmomsdiarycom cabinets and furniture finishes in 2018 how to repair cabinets and furniture finishes in 2018 how to repair kitchen cabinet stain color chart kitchen cabinet designs kitchen cabinet stain color chart kitchen cabinet designs assembled 12x345x24 in base kitchen cabinet in unfinished oak assembled 12x345x24 in base kitchen cabinet in unfinished oak.

Our Best Tips for Staining Cabinets (or Re-Staining)

Image via :www. Houzz. cabinet Com white wood stain kitchen cabinets review of 10 ideas in tips for choosing and using gel stain champagne stain maple cabinets silestone quartz in white jenny steffens hobick jill s kitchen our best tips for staining cabinets or re staining why the white kitchen cabinet trend is here to stay 17 best ideas about white wood stain on pinterest painting kitchen cabinets pro construction forum stain kitchen cabinets with glaze this is our beautiful 12 reasons not to paint your kitchen cabinets white.

How to Stain a Deck: What You Should Know

In addition to staining & refinishing work, stephens painting features interior house painting , drywall – sheetrock repair , popcorn ceiling removal , garage floor coatings , stain & refinish, custom ceiling and wall textures and arbor, fence & deck staining. We would enjoy working with you on your stain & refinish project. If you have any questions, please call us at (817) 914-4936 or fill out our free estimate form on this page or any of our site pages.

Tips on Kitchen Cabinets

Taking on a do-it-yourself (diy) project of finishing your cabinets can be an easy and rewarding experience that does not require you to be a professional or hire a contractor. Whether you are finishing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with paint, stain, urethane or another finish or want to attempt to paint, stain or varnish unfinished kitchen or bath cabinets, below are some simple tips and tricks that will help you get you the finish you want and be rewarded for all of your hard work!.

Before deciding to either refinish or reface the cabinets, make sure your cabinets are suitable for either of these upgrade options. Here’s a quick checklist to determine whether your cabinets are a good candidate for refinishing or refacing. For refinishing, all components must be in good condition, including the doors, drawer faces, and cabinets. For refacing, it’s okay if the doors and drawer faces are damaged or outdated because they’ll be replaced.

Transcript well, the kitchen is the most used room in the house and i guess you could say that the kitchen cabinet is probably the most used thing in that room. But with time and repeated cleanings, well, they can end up looking pretty shabby. So if your cabinets look something like this and well, it’s not time to replace or reface them yet, then you might want to consider refurbishing them with a combination coating and stain. It’s easy to use and inexpensive.

Every renovation project requires a lot of expenses. They include such bulks as materials and labor. Materials, in turns, include tile, mortar, grout, rough plumbing materials, paint and many other. If you need to  make a calculation of your future renovation project, please give us a call or email us, and our manager will help you with this issue.

Renovation project can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your old house, a room or a basement, you need to appeal to us, approve the project and budget and we’ll start working.